Missing Connections

Galli Classic

Lunacy is checking Craigslist Missed Connections and then arguing aloud with posts that are obviously mistaken about what I wore today.


We made eye contact and sat across from each other on the R train.

Sorry for not saying anything, was taken back by your cute face.

HEY!! IT’S ME! I’m the girl! It’s finally happening because I really do have a “cute face.” I really think I may.

Now, technically I wasn’t on the R train. But I’m sure I was near the R. Is the R near the 1? I’m on the 1 all the damn time. The spine of the R looks like a 1. Boom. It’s me. On the R/1.

R train. It was totally me. He thought I was CUTE, y’all. We can make this happen.

I have no idea where the R train is.

Don’t give up. This is THE GUY. Romantic comedies…

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