Cure IBS Permanently

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a very common digestive disorder yet hard to get diagnosed accurately at once. This is because the digestive track is a very complex part of the body, unbelievably compressed inside the stomach. The small intestine alone measures an approximate 21 feet long, making it hard to imagine how it added bulk to the body trunk. Imagine how the body mechanism works hard 24 hours, seven days a week in every food processing taking place in the digestive system? If an automobile needs overhauling out of wear and tear, the counterpart of that in human body functioning is getting sick and being given the right medicine. Talking specifically of IBS, once diagnosed, options to have relief vary. IBS is a very tricky condition especially if it is associated as a symptom of another disease.

Generally, IBS is buried in every stomach dysfunction considered chronic and broad in nature with no exact cause but diagnosed based on the patterns developed in a patient. Although there are some lists of medicines for specifically for IBS, there is no exact cure other than management of symptoms. There are categories of medicines for other broad IBS linked discomforts to alleviate the symptoms follows:

1. Laxatives – to ease bowel movements and promote fecal softening

2. Corticosteroids and Inhibitors – a medication for Crohn’s Disease as linked to IBS and for ulcerative colitis

3. Anti-diarrheal Medicines and Oral rehydration solutions – aids in suppressing the attacks of diarrhea and its effect of robbing the body of the necessary fluids. The combination of both drugs will work to control the embarrassing and consequential dehydration if the diarrhea worsens.

4. Antacids – helps ease stomach pain due to excessive acid production the stomach to those who are suffering from hyperacidity.

Taking medicines to relieve IBS helps temporarily until one gets nauseated enough to look for permanent cure. Instead of getting imprisoned by medicine dependency, changing into having healthy lifestyle may pave way to a good start. Shifting to a healthy diet by eliminating synthetic and allergy-causing foods is one of the best preventive measures in giving the stomach some rest. These solutions may sound universal, but basically people never know the abuses done to the body until it is signaling “red alert” thru body discomforts. Like a machine, food digestion is one the body’s basic and important task. It is all about what the body is taking; therefore, managing IBS is all about having quality food intake to prevent getting into stomach trouble.


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